3 Ways to Manage Stress Caused by Change

Change causes a surprising amount of stress. The bigger the change, the longer it will take you to adjust. I have been feeling more tired than usual and kept wondering why. Then I remembered that I just sold my house, moved into my in-laws’ house, and am getting ready to move into an RV!

It is super important to pay attention to the signs your body is sending you. Here are some ways I manage stress resulting from change:

  1. Rest. If you are feeling exhausted, listen to your body and get extra sleep. It is one of the best ways for me to recover from stress or from sickness.
  2. Eat nourishing foods. It’s so easy to go for the comfort food during stressful times but resist the urge! Nourishing foods will heal you from inside out.
  3. Take it easy. It is OK to take it easy during times of change. Doing too much can cause you to get sick, makes you more irritable, and adds to the stress.

Managing Stress from Change

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