3 Ways to Manage Stress Caused by Change

Change causes a surprising amount of stress. The bigger the change, the longer it will take you to adjust. I have been feeling more tired than usual and kept wondering why. Then I remembered that I just sold my house, moved into my in-laws’ house, and am getting ready to move into an RV!

It is super important to pay attention to the signs your body is sending you. Here are some ways I manage stress resulting from change:

  1. Rest. If you are feeling exhausted, listen to your body and get extra sleep. It is one of the best ways for me to recover from stress or from sickness.
  2. Eat nourishing foods. It’s so easy to go for the comfort food during stressful times but resist the urge! Nourishing foods will heal you from inside out.
  3. Take it easy. It is OK to take it easy during times of change. Doing too much can cause you to get sick, makes you more irritable, and adds to the stress.

Managing Stress from Change

My Raw Vegan Detox Essentials

Raw Vegan Detox for 10 Days

Doing a raw vegan detox for ten days was a surprising experience. If you followed along on Instagram, you know that I went from frustrated to feeling really great. The first three to four days of any detox are really tough but I felt like this was the best detox I’ve ever done.

The Challenges

It was challenging to stay within a budget because of the sheer amount of fresh produce we needed. I blame lack of experience with this lifestyle as my downfall in this area. I also really missed salt! And warm food.

The Benefits

After day 4, my mind was so clear and I rarely felt tired without ever having coffee. I also woke up refreshed and ready to face the day. I noticed that my palette was changing and I was able to really enjoy raw foods.

What I Ate Every Day

  • After waking up: I started each day with a 32 ounce glass of lemon water
  • Breakfast: 30 minutes after, I would have a 32-ounce glass of fresh juice
  • Snack: I snacked on Sunfood’s Mango Macadamia Adventure if I needed a little boost before lunch
  • Lunch: This would usually be one of the recipes from Fully Raw Kristina
  • Dinner: A large salad or another fun recipe from Fully Raw Kristina

These are not necessities but definitely made my journey a lot easier:


What are your favorite detoxes? Would you ever try eating raw? I’d love to know!

Walls and Barriers

This is the beautiful and intricate Iolani Palace. Did you know Hawaii’s first and last queen spent years imprisoned inside Iolani Palace and wrote 165 sad songs?

I found myself thinking about this as a metaphor to a lot of things that imprison us in our daily lives. The only difference is that we have a choice. Either we write 165 sad songs about our situation or we find a way to change it.

We can find a way through the walls and barriers in our lives. All we need to do is find a window or door that leads to the other side. It may be hidden but it is there. I am determined to find my window or door and I hope that this inspires you to do the same.

Dreams Are Enough

As I finish packing for our trip, I can’t help wondering why it takes special events or occasions to push us to go to a place we always wanted to go. We talk about our dream destinations and bucket lists but we don’t actually plan to go unless we get that push. I want to challenge myself to turn these dreams into reality because they are my dreams and that should be enough.

Dreams Are Enough  |  The Art of Curating

How to Avoid Burning Out

I think we all experience burnout at some point in our lives and it is happening more and more often. I started feeling this way after experiencing work stress that went on for months. Recovering from a burnout is no easy task and I am still working on it. I now take burnouts seriously and am careful to stop myself when I feel like things are starting to get out of balance. Since I am not an expert, here are some resources I turn to during stressful times:

I hope these resources help you as much as they’re helping me. Sometimes, having an explanation for why you’re feeling so frustrated, tired, and disengaged is already a big step towards healing. It is much faster to prevent burnout than to recover from it. One of the things I’m doing to recover and reenergize is this blog. It refuels me in a way that I did not expect but am so grateful for. What helps you avoid a burnout? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know!

How to Avoid Burning Out  |  The Art of Curating

How to Keep Eating Healthy Under Stress

Eating healthy is really challenging when you’re under stress. One trip to a restaurant or drive-thru can easily become a habit if I feel exhausted.

Having good nutritional resources means I’m much more likely to stay healthy during stressful times. Here are my favorites right now:

  1. 10-Day Reboot. Stick it out the whole ten days and you will be amazed at the changes you’ll feel.
  2. Veganomicon. I don’t think I ever made a recipe from this book that I didn’t like. More importantly, my family likes the recipes, too! This is a great resource if you want to try a vegan diet.
  3. Eat Run Lift. Their blog includes lots of delicious recipes and the photography is beautiful. I am a huge fan of the Chickpea Noodle Salad and the Beet and Marinated Mushroom Salad.

There are so many great resources out there for every diet imaginable but these are the ones I reference all the time. What nutritional resources help you stay on track? Leave me a comment, I’d love to know!

Sticking to a Workout Routine

Workout routines vary in effectiveness depending on your personality. Some people can stick to routines quite easily while others quickly tire of them. It’s really important to be aware of what works for you so you can set yourself up for success.

Since I belong to the group that gets bored with routine, I need to change things up. I’ve realized that I can stick to a routine for about one month before needing a change. Everyone month, I tweak my routine and focus so that I can stay on target and keep things interesting.

I can stick to a workout routine for a longer period of time if I have a deadline to work towards. For example, knowing that I’ll be taking a vacation to the beach will help me stick it out for three months.

Here are the workout routines that I keep on rotation:

  • The Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide — This workout is so great because you go at your own pace, building strength as you go.
  • Shaun T’s Focus T25 — This is a great cardio workout! Each workout is only 25 minutes so you can always squeeze it into your day.
  • Power Yoga Total Body Workout by Rodney Yee — This is intense yoga but ends in a relaxing way. It’s awesome to see the progress you make in flexibility with this workout.
  • Eat Run Lift 8 Week Transformation — This one is on my wish list. I really like their Get Lean: Nutrition Guide for Women so I really want to give their workouts a try.

What is your workout routine? Leave me a comment! I’d love to know!

How to Plan a Balanced Week

The past couple of days have taught me that it is important to work on balance. I don’t know about you but, for me, balance requires work and dedication.

If I don’t plan a balanced week, I can keep two or three priorities balanced but others seem to get neglected. Health is the first priority to get neglected if I don’t plan.

Here are some tips that I am currently using to stay balanced:

  1. Define your core priorities that will be present every day. For me it is loved ones, work, and spiritual life. Those three things are very important to me and that means neglecting those areas is unacceptable.
  2. Try Rotating Additional Priorities. Define three additional priorities and make a conscious effort to focus on one or two additional priorities a day. My additional priorities are home, health and leisure. I rotate the combinations so each priority has at least three days devoted to it by doubling up on two days a week.
  3. Get creative! I find that if I keep changing things up slightly, I am more likely to stick to a plan. Bonus points if you think of activities that combine more than one priority!

No two people are the same but I hope that these tips spark ideas for how you can find your own personal balance. Do you have any tricks you use to stay balanced? Leave me a comment to let me know!

Learning to Say No

When you’re trying to rid yourself of clutter, it’s helpful to become a bit of a human filter. The goal is to only have things that truly spark something inside you enter your life. Deciding to do this can mean a lot of awkward and sometimes hurtful conversations. There are lots of people who get tremendous joy from giving gifts to their loved ones and the last thing we want to do is cause them pain.

I realize there are, of course, exceptions to saying no in certain scenarios. But for other situations, I’m learning that as I practice with the smaller nos, I gain experience to start saying the trickier nos. I tried the following five steps for learning to saying no, starting with step number one and moving on to the next when I felt ready.

  1. Start by saying no to free things. One thing that I have heard is that if you wouldn’t pay good money for the item and if it isn’t something you’ve been wanting for a while, say no. (Ex: promo items, hand-me-downs, etc.)
  2. Say no to store credit cards, newsletters and membership. The goal is to be very selective about what you buy, not to guilt you or encourage you to spend more on things. Unless it is your favorite store and you get your favorite things there, say no.
  3. Say no to sales. I find that the easiest way to avoid falling into the sales trap is to make two secret Pinterest boards. One is called “Pending Review” the other “My Wish List.” If an item stays in the “Pending Review” board for longer than 2-3 months, it gets to move into “My Wish List” board. If the items that are on sale are not on your wish list, say no.
  4. Say no to spending time with people you don’t like. Your time is so precious. You don’t need to spend time with people that make you feel any sort of negative way about yourself or those you love. Keep an open mind on this one, though. People change.
  5. Be honest to those you love and say no. Now it starts to get a little harder. Sometimes we need to say no to people we care about. It’s really important to be honest in these situations. If you really don’t want something, be honest and be gracious. If you really don’t want to do something, be honest and be kind. I’m sure they would like you to be honest with them, but in order to avoid hurting those you care about, it is helpful to over communicate what you are trying to achieve. Maybe even months before an actual event happens, like a birthday for example, tell them why you’d rather go somewhere and spend time with them instead of receiving a gift. If they really want to give you a gift, share the “My Wish List” board you have on Pinterest. Make sure to let them know that what really matters is their friendship and their love.

These are just some of the interesting situations I have found myself in and how I’ve tried to find solutions for them. It’s important to note that there are no hard rules. The “recipe” will always need to be tweaked for each person. If you have any tips or stories about learning to say no, I’d love to hear them!